Update 9


Hi friends!

We hope you're all enjoying your evening and getting ready to ring in a new year!

After another 365-day lap around our sun and we've come to the last remaining hours of 2015.

This has been a challenging year for our dad. In short, he had another 3.5 months of waiting added at the very end of a grueling 3 year legal battle. An online mob of cry-bullies attacked a local coffee shop who dared hang his art on their walls and believe their friend was innocent until proven guilty. An especially offended feminist felt justified to vandalize his art work and the coffee shop by splashing hot coffee on his paintings. And he's run down his finances to fumes.

But things have gotten much better in the last couple months thanks to the #FreedomofTweets event. The boost in support he's received since has done more than keep him afloat financially. It's given him, and all of those who support him, a surge in much-needed morale. Between here and PayPal, there are 1,915 perfect strangers who truly care about his cause and freedom of speech online. Knowing this has given him the strength to make it through the finish line. He's doing his best to hang in there, but these last 3+ years have taken a serious toll on his health.

Thankfully, we're in the home stretch. 22 days from today will finally be the final verdict!

We wish you a fun and festive night celebrating the beginning of another lap around our sun. May 2016 be good to us all!

With Love,

The Elliotts


Update 8


What an amazing 36 hours! 

We raised roughly $9,000 here over the last 4 months and in just over a day we raised another $33,168.69 USD, combined with another $3,732.51 CAD through PayPal!

And we owe it all to everyone who organized, participated in, and shared #FreedomOfTweets. Lauren Southern, Milo Yiannopoulos, Karen Straughan, Greg Renouf, Cassie Jaye, Sargon of Akkad, and everyone else who joined the discussion. And also every one of you who tuned in and shared it. You made this happen.

We knew it would help our dad's campaign, but had no idea it would help this much!

Thank you, everyone, for 8 straight hours of your valuable time and energy to discuss via Live Stream, text, Facebook and Twitter, this pivotal case and its implications on freedom of speech.

And for so much more than your time and energy. Your wisdom and insight. Your personal stories. Your courageous conversations. Your encouraging comments. And of course, your generous and much appreciated donations.

The dire financial situation that our dad was in only a couple days ago has been seriously alleviated. It's been a huge, ongoing stress for him and us. And for the first time in a long time, it's not.

For most of these 3 years, his support network was only his family and close friends. But over the course of the trial, as the truth was discovered and disseminated, his support grew. As of now, we have 1,270 backers here and 101 on PayPal.

Your solidarity is felt deeply and appreciated more than words can express.



Update 7


Wow! So this is pretty cool...

An article was posted on Breitbart.com earlier today about our dad's absurd "Twitter Trial," and within hours we've already received over $2,000 from 61 contributors!

Thank you so so so much for chipping in to and sharing our dad's campaign!

I showed him the article today and told him about the rush of support that's been pouring in. To say he's happy would be an understatement.

This has given him, and all of those who support him, a boost of inspiration and encouragement.

These charges and this whole trial has destroyed the life he was living and assumed he'd continue to live.

But this campaign is giving him hope that he'll be able to piece his life back together again.

And he owes it all to the kind and concerned strangers on the internet who are standing by him through this.

He, and all of his friends and family, are so grateful for you.

In Solidarity,



PRESS RELEASE: Freedom of Tweets Campaign Launched to Support Toronto Artist Gregory Alan Elliott


Today marks the launch of #FreedomOfTweets, a new campaign to support Gregory Alan Elliott, the Toronto artist who has been dragged through the Canadian court system for over three years. Coordinated by Libertarian politician Lauren Southern and Gregory’s son, Clayton Elliott, the campaign aims to raise money for Gregory’s legal fund, ensure his story is accurately represented in the media, and raise public awareness about the state of free speech in Canada and on the web.

In November 2012, Gregory Alan Elliott was arrested and charged with criminal harassment after arguing with feminist activists on Twitter. He did not threaten or endanger anyone. All he did was argue and criticise. As a result of his detention and trial, Gregory has accumulated nearly one hundred thousand dollars in legal fees. His bail conditions also prohibited him from using computers and the internet, forcing him to quit his job as a graphics designer.

Over the course of the trial, it has been repeatedly established that Gregory’s accusers had not been threatened and never had reason to fear for their safety. Gregory has no criminal background, and his critique of the activists was nothing more than a political and moral disagreement. If convicted, he could face up to six months in jail, setting a chilling precedent for free speech on the internet.

Over the next week, we will launch a social media campaign to support Gregory’s legal fund and raise public awareness of his story. On Saturday 21st November, campaign coordinator Lauren Southern will join Breitbart Tech co-editor Milo Yiannopoulos on his YouTube channel for a #FreedomOfTweets livestream. Guests will include Libertarian Party of Canada leader Tim Moen, Canadian-born broadcaster Gavin McInnes, and the political blogger Greg Renouf. The stream begins at 9:00AM PST, and will last until 15:00 PST.

Campaign coordinator Lauren Southern said: “The trial of Gregory Alan Elliott is one of the most important free speech cases in Canada. A man has been put on trial for little more than political disagreement. If Elliott is convicted, everyone in Canada will have cause to be afraid of expressing themselves freely on social media. I hope that supporters of free speech on the web will recognise the importance of this case, and lend their support to Gregory Alan Elliott. Some good can come of this if we show the world that the public will be galvanised when an individual’s free speech is threatened.”



#FreedomOfTweets Livestream - Saturday 21st November 9AM PST


This Saturday at 9AM PST (12PM EST), join #FreedomofTweets campaign coordinator Lauren Southern, Breitbart Tech co-editor Milo Yiannopoulos and guests as they discuss the trial, free speech on the web, and more. 

We'll be promoting Gregory's legal fund throughout the livestream, and as always greatly appreciate any contributions. Even if you can't donate, do spread links to the fundraiser on social media. Every share helps. 

If you're tuning in on Saturday, you can also tweet questions and comments on the #FreedomOfTweets hashtag. 

The stream will take place on Milo Yiannopoulos' YouTube channel.


Update 6


I wanted to give you an update on our dad's trial.

As I mentioned in the last post, on August 5 we were called back into court by the judge. He requested further submissions on an important consideration in the caseMens Reathe state of mind of the accused. After that day he ruled there would be no amendment made to include recklessness, unless the crown brought forward and successfully argued an application to amend the charges. On August 6 she submitted her written application.

We appeared in court September 4 to hear the crown's application. The judge asked us to come back Oct 6 to provide our arguments against it. If I heard him correctly on Oct 6, I believe he said he will have his ruling on the amendment application by Dec 15. Also, a new final verdict date was set for January 22, 2016.

So, after so much waiting, we will patiently wait a few more months for this to be done. We're doing our best to stay positive and use this time in limbo to heal and plan for 2016.

Words can't express our appreciation from the bottom of our hearts for your support and encouragement through all this. Your contributions have helped our dad keep his head above water during these last few months.



Update 5


Firstly, thank you for helping us get to $7,104! Day by day, bit by bit, this campaign grows. Although we're still far from our goal, we're getting there. Please share this page with your friends' social networks to spread the word.

Secondly, we got not-so-great updates!

As I mentioned in the last post, we were called back to court Aug 5 to provide further submissions after the judge was already in deliberation. Without going into detail, on Aug 6 the crown submitted an application for amendment to have the terms on which the case is argued changed.

Yesterday, we were back in court to hear her application. Our lawyer didn't prepare for oral submissions and asked that the judge strike it down based on it being "poorly timed" and "ill-conceived." Unfortunately, the judge did not, and asked us to come back Oct 6 prepared to argue it. On that day we will find out when the new final verdict date is. And based on the judge's availability, this could easily run into January 2016.

So again, as we are closing in on the finish line, it gets moved back further. After losing his job, being banned from the Internet and computers for 3 years rendering him unemployable, having his name slandered, spending $80,000+ in legal fees from his retirement savings, and being dragged through 18 days in court, he has to prepare for months more of this treatment. And all while he's supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

Thanks again. More updates to come.



Update 4


Hiya friends,

Looks like this case has taken another strange turn. We were recently requested back to court to clarify/provide further submissions on an important point:

Greg was originally charged for allegedly knowingly harassing the complainants. But in Canada criminal harassment can be argued on the basis that the accused knew he or she was harassing, or it can be argued on the basis that the accused didn't necessarily know and was being reckless. These have different lines of argument and considerations for evidence.

The Crown argued from day 1 and through the whole trial that our dad KNEW he was harassing these women. Then on July 14 during her closing arguments, 32 months after he was originally charged, she tried to orally amend the charges and have the judge blend knowing and recklessness into one charge.

We were called back into court Aug 5 where the judge said he couldn't blend them on his own without an injustice being done to Greg. We didn't consent to an amendment and the ruling was that there would not be one.

That's until Crown laywer Marnie Goldenberg submitted an application for amendment on Aug 6.

Now we're back in court Sept 4 to see if the judge strikes down her amendment or will require us to provide official submissions challenging it. If he asks us to argue it, the Oct 6 verdict will be adjourned to a much later date and we'll be back in court to argue this untimely and ill-conceived application.

Please read this post about that day in court to see the judge's ruling and please share widely.



Update 3


Hi friends!

This morning we officially passed the $5,000 marker, 15 days into the campaign!

My dad, myself, and our family want to send a big, sincere, heartfelt thanks to the 127 contributors who have gotten us to this point as well as everyone who shared the campaign. We're still a long ways from our final goal, but as we've seen over the last 2 weeks, there are many active conversations happening online about this and support continues to roll in. We feel and appreciate the solidarity.

GAE w:sonsdesk.png

For this update, I have a request for everyone who has donated to this campaign so far and also for whomever else might read this post. I believe we can collectively give this campaign a big boost if we each share it with 5-10 people close to us who we feel would also support it. Sharing it through social channels helps big timethat's how many of you first discovered this I'm guessing. But reaching out personally to people you know always has greater impact and influence.

If we all sent a brief message to 10 friends this weekend, and even 1 or 2 of them donate, that would bring in another 127-254 supporters and a significant boost in donations.

That's all for now! Thanks again so friggin' much for your support!



Update 2


Firstly, my dad, my brothers, and I are so grateful for you sharing and contributing to his fundraiser!  We're only 5 days in and we're already at $2,313 or 2% of our final goal. We have 77 days left until the final verdict which will determine our next steps. At this rate, we believe we'll be able to hit our goal. And we couldn't do it without you.

I recently did an interview with Lauren Southern of Rebel Media sharing my perspective on this trial and how it has impacted our dad and us. Lauren was the person who set up the petition a few days ago to support my dad. If you haven't seen it yet, please sign and share it with your friends.

Again, thank you so much. My dad doesn't see all of the support he's getting online. But every time we tell him, it gives him hope and reassurance that he's not in this alone.

With Love,

Clayton Elliott


Trial Update


We want to thank everyone who has contributed to and/or shared our campaign with your communities. We've only had this live for less than a day and we've already raised $685!

When our dad heard about the public outcry against these allegations and the support he's been getting from all over the world, it encouraged him to stay strong.

Also, many people have been asking us about the case and where they can learn more about what has been presented during trial. Here's a link to Greg's defence lawyer's final submission. 

Please feel free to read and share it with whomever would like to know what happened during the trial. The Crown lawyer refused to make her final submissions available to the public.

Thanks again.


Trial Info


Nearly three years ago our father was arrested, jailed for 4 days, and charged with criminal harassment for disagreeing with the politics of three political operatives on Twitter. On July 14, 2015, Christie Blatchforda prominent journalist writing for the National Postwrote a story about how our father's case could have an "enormous fallout for free speech". Even though our father never threatened anybody on Twitter, he has suffered financially, professionally, and psychologically as a result of these baseless criminal charges. Since his arrest in 2012, he has been unemployable because his bail conditions prohibit him from using the Internet and computers. He has paid $50,000 in legal fees, and owes a further $30,000. Please read Ms. Blatchford's article, and contribute what you can to assist our dad and to defend everyone's right to free speech.

greg elliott 2.jpg

Also, follow him on Twitter @greg_a_elliott. He'll be back online October 6, 2015 if all goes well. And if you want to have your say, whether you agree or disagree, chime in on Twitter at #FreedomOfTweets. We'd like to hear what the Twitterverse thinks of this case.