Update 5


Firstly, thank you for helping us get to $7,104! Day by day, bit by bit, this campaign grows. Although we're still far from our goal, we're getting there. Please share this page with your friends' social networks to spread the word.

Secondly, we got not-so-great updates!

As I mentioned in the last post, we were called back to court Aug 5 to provide further submissions after the judge was already in deliberation. Without going into detail, on Aug 6 the crown submitted an application for amendment to have the terms on which the case is argued changed.

Yesterday, we were back in court to hear her application. Our lawyer didn't prepare for oral submissions and asked that the judge strike it down based on it being "poorly timed" and "ill-conceived." Unfortunately, the judge did not, and asked us to come back Oct 6 prepared to argue it. On that day we will find out when the new final verdict date is. And based on the judge's availability, this could easily run into January 2016.

So again, as we are closing in on the finish line, it gets moved back further. After losing his job, being banned from the Internet and computers for 3 years rendering him unemployable, having his name slandered, spending $80,000+ in legal fees from his retirement savings, and being dragged through 18 days in court, he has to prepare for months more of this treatment. And all while he's supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

Thanks again. More updates to come.