Update 7


Wow! So this is pretty cool...

An article was posted on Breitbart.com earlier today about our dad's absurd "Twitter Trial," and within hours we've already received over $2,000 from 61 contributors!

Thank you so so so much for chipping in to and sharing our dad's campaign!

I showed him the article today and told him about the rush of support that's been pouring in. To say he's happy would be an understatement.

This has given him, and all of those who support him, a boost of inspiration and encouragement.

These charges and this whole trial has destroyed the life he was living and assumed he'd continue to live.

But this campaign is giving him hope that he'll be able to piece his life back together again.

And he owes it all to the kind and concerned strangers on the internet who are standing by him through this.

He, and all of his friends and family, are so grateful for you.

In Solidarity,