Update 8


What an amazing 36 hours! 

We raised roughly $9,000 here over the last 4 months and in just over a day we raised another $33,168.69 USD, combined with another $3,732.51 CAD through PayPal!

And we owe it all to everyone who organized, participated in, and shared #FreedomOfTweets. Lauren Southern, Milo Yiannopoulos, Karen Straughan, Greg Renouf, Cassie Jaye, Sargon of Akkad, and everyone else who joined the discussion. And also every one of you who tuned in and shared it. You made this happen.

We knew it would help our dad's campaign, but had no idea it would help this much!

Thank you, everyone, for 8 straight hours of your valuable time and energy to discuss via Live Stream, text, Facebook and Twitter, this pivotal case and its implications on freedom of speech.

And for so much more than your time and energy. Your wisdom and insight. Your personal stories. Your courageous conversations. Your encouraging comments. And of course, your generous and much appreciated donations.

The dire financial situation that our dad was in only a couple days ago has been seriously alleviated. It's been a huge, ongoing stress for him and us. And for the first time in a long time, it's not.

For most of these 3 years, his support network was only his family and close friends. But over the course of the trial, as the truth was discovered and disseminated, his support grew. As of now, we have 1,270 backers here and 101 on PayPal.

Your solidarity is felt deeply and appreciated more than words can express.