Update 9


Hi friends!

We hope you're all enjoying your evening and getting ready to ring in a new year!

After another 365-day lap around our sun and we've come to the last remaining hours of 2015.

This has been a challenging year for our dad. In short, he had another 3.5 months of waiting added at the very end of a grueling 3 year legal battle. An online mob of cry-bullies attacked a local coffee shop who dared hang his art on their walls and believe their friend was innocent until proven guilty. An especially offended feminist felt justified to vandalize his art work and the coffee shop by splashing hot coffee on his paintings. And he's run down his finances to fumes.

But things have gotten much better in the last couple months thanks to the #FreedomofTweets event. The boost in support he's received since has done more than keep him afloat financially. It's given him, and all of those who support him, a surge in much-needed morale. Between here and PayPal, there are 1,915 perfect strangers who truly care about his cause and freedom of speech online. Knowing this has given him the strength to make it through the finish line. He's doing his best to hang in there, but these last 3+ years have taken a serious toll on his health.

Thankfully, we're in the home stretch. 22 days from today will finally be the final verdict!

We wish you a fun and festive night celebrating the beginning of another lap around our sun. May 2016 be good to us all!

With Love,

The Elliotts